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The Billy Project is a small local project based from an award winning, well established Blackburn gym, Unit 2 Fitness for women.  We offer a wide range of fitness activities targeted at inactive, vulnerable local women from areas of high deprivation. We work with our team of referral partners from existing projects in the Blackburn with Darwen community. 

Our aim is to instil confidence and essential life skills creating a safer community. The Billy Project tackles loneliness, social isolation, integration, inactivity, mental health issues, obesity, promotes female empowerment, protects women and families through safeguarding, provides a safe space to meet new friends and offers emotional support. We have found that if mum is happy, this trickles down to the wider family and promotes a happier, healthier home. Our project can go beyond the immediate beneficiary’s. This is our main objective.

The Billy Project is a safe space to come to not only exercise but talk, offload and receive much needed emotional support from supportive gym members, staff and friends.

The project was named after gym owner & co founder of the project, Leanne Procter’s late father, Billy Procter.  Her father himself was a vulnerable adult after being left disabled after a long battle with lung cancer.  If Leanne’s father didn’t have the support from his family he would have been an easy target for people to take advantage of. Leanne’s idea was to create a gym family to support vulnerable adults.

The project offers free gym sessions between 11am to 4pm, Monday to Wednesdays. Once referred to us new members recieve a full gym induction on how to use the equipment safely, health and safety in the gym and receive a personalised gym programme to follow which is suited to their individual needs and abilities. For ladies needing additional support, we can offer one to one support. The gym is fully wheelchair accessible.

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